Misdirected Abuse

Misdirected Abuse

SYNOPSIS: This case shows how minor bad experiences can have huge negative affects throughout life. Also shows that it is never too late to resolve long-time bad habits.

Never Too Late To Change

A woman came for a Past Life Regression to find out why she was following the same pattern of choosing abusive men. She had been married twice to men who were wife abusers, and she was engaged to a third man who had a history similar to her two preceding husbands. She was desperate to find out why she was attracted to this type of man and about to repeat the same mistake again!

After a short guided relaxation, I directed her to go back to the source experience for her selection pattern in regards to men. My client said, "I'm in prison. I see bars. No, I'm a baby in a crib. It is this lifetime, when I was a baby."

[NOTE: In my process I do not direct clients specifically to a past life looking for the source experience of their problem. However, the preparatory instructions are to allow for the possibility of reincarnation occurring and the source experience being in a past life.]

Baby in crib I asked her to look around and describe where she was and what she was experiencing. She answered, "I'm alone. There is a party in the next room. I hear laughing and noisy people. Oh! There is someone coming into my room. Oh, don't let it be my dad!" She did not describe what occurred next in detail, but the event clearly involved her molestation when she was a baby.

[NOTE: At this point in the process I generally instruct the client to just be in spirit form and rapidly observe what took place and understand if it relates to the problem in the present life that we are working on. At this point in the process, I avoid the embarrassing and highly emotional details, which are not necessary to go through in detail for healing to occur.

The subconscious mind knows all too well what happened! The healing can happen by understanding the overall trauma and how the consequences were created by twisted logic, misunderstanding, or some other untrue subconscious thoughts!  By understanding the total big picture (maybe spanning several lifetimes) miraculous and instantaneous positive changes can happen within the client's deepest mental processes! ]

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After she had quickly scanned through that experience I directed her to take her "adult self" back to that trauma, and hold her "baby self". I directed her to give the baby whatever she needed in order to resolve and heal the emotional wounds of this event. After approximately 2 minutes my client said, "OK, she [the baby] is all right now."

I then directed her to scan through her life up to now and determine if this infant molestation incident had influenced her later in life. She took only a few seconds and then exclaimed, "Damn! I always pick a man who is so bad that he makes my father look good!" During the remainder of the session, she and I worked on healing her process in selecting men for a relationship, using her new awareness.

A couple of weeks later she telephoned me and reported, "I got rid of that S.O.B. [her boy friend]. I don't need any more men like that!"

This case illustrates how the subconscious mind controls and directs behavior at very deep levels. In this case, she had a strong need to love and be loved by her father in correct ways. In order to make him appear a good father, she created situations with other men who were guilty of worse abuses against her than her father did. She was unconsciously enduring severe abuses in order to make her father look more loving toward her than the other men. The subconscious works in strange ways to meet strong emotional needs, such as the need for parental love.

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