Bear Claw Pain in Back

SYNOPSIS: A woman has chronic pain in her back from a past life sudden death not fully understood at the time the body died. The pain disappears after understanding the full sequence of events when the body died.

Chronic Pain From Unknown Cause

A woman came to me with chronic back pain, for which no doctors could find the cause or cure. She had been to many doctors for this pain, but prescription "pain killer" drugs did not reduce the pain! She desperately needed to get some relief and wanted to try a Past Life Regression to see if she could find any connection between her back pain and an event in her past.

She said she believed in reincarnation and felt that likely the pain was from a past life. [NOTE: This is a common statement made by clients. Of course, it is true that she believed the problem might be from a past life because her subconscious mind has been stuck in the problem for a long time!]

The relaxation induction went quickly, and I guided her to, "Go back to the source experience, which is the true cause of your back pain." Log CabinAfter a few deep breaths, she said, "I'm in a rocking chair, and I'm knitting in front of the fireplace in a log cabin. It is not this lifetime; it's a past life."

After she responded to my questions about what was happening, she suddenly burst out, "Oh! The fire popped and blew cinders out into the room. The floor is catching fire! I'm backing out the door as the floor starts to burn!"

She then became confused and could not describe exactly what happened. However, she was out of her physical body in that scene, and from a short distance away she was watching a bear maul her body and kill her. It was evident to me that her soul/spirit had instantly left her physical body when the bear attacked her in the cabin doorway. It appeared that the rapid departure of her soul/spirit from her body brought with it the pain of the first claw in her back.

Past Life Regression and bear

I gave her instructions to be only in her spirit observing the event, and to go slowly through the sequence of events to understand what really happened. With a little of my help, she sorted out what had happened there at the cabin door as her body was mauled by the bear, and this eliminated the confusion she had retained from the traumatic event.

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Apparently a bear was outside at the very same moment that she was backing out the door. The startled bear reacted and clawed her in the back as she came through the door backward. At that instant, during her terror and sudden searing pain in her back, her soul/spirit left her body, and the bear continued to maul her body. The pain of the first claw in her back became a part of her on-going spirit after she left her body.

I instructed her to let her soul/spirit watch the remainder of the bear attack with detachment. From a short distance away, she observed that her spirit did survive and safely reincarnated later into her present physical body but, unfortunately, with that pain constantly remaining. Also, I instructed her to understand what was her physical body experience back then and understand what was her spirit experience. I directed her to sort out what was the physical part of the experience that she should not bring with her spirit and to leave it with that physical body.

This client achieved a complete healing of the pain in her back by sorting out exactly what happened and understanding the nature of her death in that prior life. She had been confused because of the rapid sequence of events leading up to her death in the lifetime with the log cabin and bear. Happily though, through the Past Life Regression process, her confusion was replaced by clarity, and my client was consequently able to release herself from the effects of the bear's traumatic attack.

Physical Death is Just Part of the Process

This case emphasizes how important it is to understand the dying process and recognize the likelihood of reincarnation of souls/spirits. The death process appears to go often like this: During physical death, the body stops functioning in stages. At some point, the soul/spirit detaches from the body and watches the death scene from a short distance away, before continuing on through the tunnel toward the light.

This Case Study validates the importance of understanding the death process before you experience it: what you are thinking and feeling, as you are dying, is crucially important to your afterlife and next lifetime experiences.

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