Death by Crocodile

Death by Crocodile

SYNOPSIS: A man discovers why he has always had a limp, yet never recalled injuring his legs. He was surprised to recall a past life death by a crocodile making lunch of his legs.

The Body Remembers a Trauma

A man came to me for a Past Life Regression with no particular problem to explore. He believed in reincarnation and just wanted to experience recalling a previous lifetime. He was surprised to discover why he had always limped in this life, yet had never injured his leg to his knowledge.

All was going well during the Past Life Regression session as we explored past life sources for some of his present lifetime interests. However, I noticed his right leg was twitching and jerking during the Past Life Regression session. In the past lives we had examined he could not recall if there was any experience that seemed to relate to what his right leg was doing.

RiverAt a convenient point in the session, I gave him the instructions to leave what we had been exploring. Next I re-directed him with these words: "Be right there in the past where something is strongly affecting your legs. Look down and tell me the first thing that comes to mind."

His body instantly stiffened, and he shouted, "There's a crocodile on my leg! I'm a boy swimming in the river, and a crocodile got me! My tribe members are trying to kill it. There is a lot of confusion. I never saw them so excited, and I don't understand why they are acting this way. I'm leaving my body and watch them all running around and yelling. Now I have left my body, but I don't understand all the commotion."

My client and I then worked on healing this past life trauma of his. We reviewed this particular past life death thoroughly. He came to a much fuller understanding of how his body died and how his soul/spirit survived but retained a bit of physical leg problem.

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After I had brought him out of the light trance state, he told me that he had always had minor problems with his right leg. For a long time, my client had been puzzled when he found himself limping on his right leg, for no known reason. He said he never recalled injuring it, and that he must have some undefinable developmental problem originating at birth or early childhood.

This crocodile death case emphasizes the importance of accepting reincarnation as a likely possibility. It appears that the soul/spirit continues to live on without the body and later connects with a different body. However, it appears some physical effects from a past life death can be retained in the next lifetime body. During my decades of doing Past Life Regression sessions, I have observed that when the soul/spirit leaves the body very rapidly and in a state of confusion, a physical pain or abnormality is sometimes carried into a future lifetime body.

Also, I have observed that "birthmarks" are frequently on the body in places where death-causing wounds were inflicted in the previous lifetime.

This Case Study illustrates importance of reviewing a client's past life death if they have chronic physical or emotional problems. When my clients clearly understand the sequence of events leading up to and through their previous death, they are usually able to resolve, release, and free themselves from many chronic problems. Positive results after a Past Life Regression have been often miraculous!

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