"Ghosts" in the Bedroom

"Ghosts" in the Bedroom

SYNOPSIS: A strange case of several family member spirits from a past life hanging around as "ghosts" in the bedroom with a woman trying to sleep.

We Are Not Alone

A young woman came for a Past Life Regression because she had been sleeping very poorly for approximately ten years, with frequently terrifying experiences of "people" in her bedroom. Every night when she went to bed, she was frightened that something or somebody was going to be in her room. And usually she was right! My client would often wake up during the night and see ghost-like images momentarily, and then they would disappear through the wall!

She explained that the lack of sound and safe sleep was seriously affecting her health and life so much that she was willing to try anything to stop it. She was not sure there was reincarnation and had little interest in that possibility relating to her present problem.

She was easy to work with in the Past Life Regression process, and we went quickly to my client's source experience for her problem. Past life jungle huts She described a past life in which she was a young boy living in a jungle. He was outside a hut and told to be quiet by an adult family member. All the other family members were extremely upset over something going on which the boy did not understand.

Suddenly this young boy was confused because he was no longer in his body.Gigantic explosions instantly flattened the whole village and surrounding trees. Everyone in his family and his hut were instantly blown to bits by bombs dropped from the air.

B52 bombing

I directed my client, now a female in her present lifetime, to go back over the scene in order to determine if this past life occurred during the Viet Nam War. She reported, "Yes" and that the planes overhead had dropped a trail of bombs into the jungle where the young boy and his family lived in Southeast Asia. As the bombs violently cut their path of death through the jungle, the boy and all of his family were killed instantly.

My client and I carefully reviewed what happened several times to desensitize her to the trauma and to understand her experience there better. She was able to understand how that body died, and most importantly, how her soul/spirit survived to live again in her present body.

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The past life experience was very moving and exhausting for her, so we stopped at this point. She left the session satisfied, but we still did not fully understand who or what the people were doing in her bedroom, but I felt certain they were at that scene of death and destruction. We set up another future Past Life Regression appointment to explore that matter later.

She called me the next day and happily reported that her night terrors had disappeared, and she was able to sleep safely and comfortably all night for the first time in many years. In the following weeks, I telephoned to check on her. She said that every night she felt safe, peaceful, and her sleep was never interrupted again as it had been so consistently for years.

Strange But Believable Consequences

I am still not positive what was going on in her, but I guess this is what happened:
I think she did live in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war and that a bomber saturated her village with bombs, suspecting that there were enemy soldiers in it. It appears the whole family died instantly and in a state of confusion as their souls/spirits disconnected instantly from their shattered bodies. I believe the boy came back into a body to live her lifetime, and the family souls/spirits followed "him".

It appears that when we sleep we can connect into that spirit world. During my client's semi-sleep state, she would wakeup and could see the soul/spirits who were following the "boy". When fully awake she could not see them, but I suspect they were still around and following her because they were confused about where else to go.

In any case, she has since reported again that every night now is filled with peaceful and restful sleep. I don't know where the family soul/spirits went, but I think her understanding of the boy's death process helped all the family members understand their own death process. I think understanding their own deaths facilitated a release from the earthly plane so they all could go where souls/spirits should go after death.

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