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"I Feel Dead"

SYNOPSIS: A man discovers idle comments about him by strangers when unconscious at a highway accident leaves him afterward with a chronic feeling like he was "dead".

A man came for a Past Life Regression because he said, "I feel dead since my car accident." After the usual light-trance hypnotic state was created, I directed him back to the source experience for "feeling dead." He quickly recalled an automobile accident a few years earlier.

Accident scene He was able to describe the accident scene from outside his body, which was lying on the highway beside his badly damaged automobile. The cause of his "feeling dead" was due to an innocent comment.As my client was lying unconscious on the highway, two people were standing over him and one said to the other, "This guy is dead."

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Remember that the unconscious mind records literally, does not know right from wrong, and always tries to follow what it perceives as an instruction. In this case, my client's unconscious mind recorded and accepted the bystander's comment as an instruction, in much the same way in the "Thirty Years of Pain" Case where the woman received her "instruction" while on the operating table.

The client was healed of his "dead feeling" by recalling the scene again, but with awareness and understanding in his conscious mind of what really happened. The message about being dead that his unconscious mind had recorded was changed to a more positive statement about what actually happened.

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