How Past Life Experiences Can Affect the Present

Since 1975, I have conducted Past Life Regressions (PLR's) to help people resolve both minor and major mental and physical problems. This site describes some of my cases of people in a light hypnotic trance recalling memories from their past to resolve problems. Often they recalled memories from their previous lives and deaths.


The question of whether reincarnation is normal is not the issue here. My work is about helping people overcome problems to make their life better. The model I use allows for the possibility of most problems being caused by events in the past, no matter how far back. Even events in one or more past lives!

Interestingly, one person said to me, "I don't believe in past lives but I want to try it." He did an excellent session for over an hour describing a past life and death. Afterward he said, "That was interesting but I still don't believe in past lives."

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Usually, the problem can be resolved by recalling and understanding the past experience where the problem originated. People often report the source of their problem being in a past life. The effect of the past experience on the present life in some negative way is common, but easily resolved in most cases.

In these case studies, each client achieved a valuable healing of a problem that was due to a past experience. Regrettably, many people's past life experiences do continue to cause pain and suffering in their present lives. The fantastic news is that the pain and suffering can often be eliminated by recalling and understanding the experience, whenever it occurred.

See below some of the fascinating cases achieving outstanding healing using the Past Life Regression process.

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