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About Lawrence Rodrigues, B.S., M.S.

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My background is solidly planted in the scientific and education worlds. I hold a Master of Science degree in Education from the University of Southern California. My first career was in the military for 20 years; I am a retired US Air Force Major.

Lawrence Rodrigues B.S., M.S., Director EastWest Institute for Self-UnderstandingMy second career was teaching electronic communications for 18 years at a California community college. My current third career is in the metaphysical and healing arts field, where I continue my research and writing in Sacramento, California. I am the Director of the EastWest Institute for Self-Understanding, which I founded in 1980.

Since my Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1988, I have had a deeper understanding of the body-mind-spirit model of existence while alive here on Earth. I subscribe to no religion, but I do have a strong spiritual belief that each one of us is a spirit driving around on planet Earth in a rent-a-body. I believe our present body is just a temporary physical body we use to learn in. (Click here to read about my NDE)

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My profound and blissful NDE personally validated my work with Past Life Regressions (PLR). Since 1978, I have guided over 2,000 people back to memories of present and past lives. I started doing PLR's in 1978 after training with Dr. Morris Netherton, author of Past Life Therapy. I was a charter member of The Association for Pastlife Regression Therapy and served on the research committee. My interest in facilitating PLR's is to help people better understand who they are and to improve the quality of their lives.

Most recently my interests and studies were in the field of evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. The application of evolutionary biology/psychology to research in body language and nonverbal cues was my main focus, which resulted in a website: http://LearnBodyLanguage.org/.

I am no longer accepting clients but remain active doing research and writing on the dying process. With no religious cogitation, I am doing empirical research and detailing the dying stages of physical death and transition to the spiritual realm.


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