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Together Again

SYNOPSIS: Interesting case of two souls coming together again in present lives to straighten out past personal problems. Seems like we change gender with little difficulty from one life to another.

A lesbian couple came to me for a Past Life Regression to discover if, where, when, and/or how they were related in past lives. I used a light-trance hypnosis primarily with one of them, while the other woman followed along in the relaxation directions on her own without me noticing.

Trapeze death Both women went easily back to a lifetime where they were husband and wife. They worked as circus high-wire trapeze performers in the early 1900's. This married couple had an argument just prior to a performance and both were emotionally upset. This tension caused each of them to be off in their timing during a particularly dangerous maneuver, and the husband fell to his death.

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The wife felt terribly guilty for her part in his death. The rest of this woman's lifetime back then was uneventful, except she missed her husband a lot and felt guilty. The wife died a short time later, carrying great grief and guilt about his untimely death.

The interesting part of this session was that they recognized they had come together again as lovers in this lifetime as lesbians. After the Past Life Regression both women stated they still felt they were right in that past life argument and that the other partner was wrong! Also, it was apparent that they still argued frequently about the same type of problem they had had in their past lives as husband and wife.

In my own experience of facilitating over 2,000 Past Life Regressions, I have recognized that my clients are often accompanied in their present lifetimes with some of the same souls/spirits who were with them in past lives. This also has been observed by many other people who conduct Past Life Regressions with clients. It is apparent that we travel together in small groups of souls working on specific lessons. We seem to know ahead of our physical birth what we are needing to work on so we choose the parents and conditions to best learn our needed lessons.

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