Must Suffer for Love

Must Suffer for Love

SYNOPSIS: Interesting case of severe physical pain caused by a past life emotional shock. It appears that the subconscious mind of the person can record twisted facts during a trauma. The soul then carries it forward into future lifetimes where it can cause problems.

Pain Can Come From Strange Experiences

A young professional woman had severe pain starting during her monthly ovulation. The pain increased during her menstrual period. The pain was so devastating that it threatened her employment. She had exhausted all her medical resources to solve the problem. As the last resort, she came for a Past Life Regression to see if there was some incident in a past life that was the source of the pain.

Past life old jailShe was so highly motivated to find the cause of her problem that her relaxation induction went easily and quickly. With my instructions, "Go back to the source experience for this condition," she went directly back to a past life traumatic experience.

With great emotion, she described hanging on to her lover's legs and being dragged while screaming and crying. Her lover was being dragged (with her hanging on to him) by a couple of men taking him off to prison. They were beating her as she pleaded with them to release her beloved. It appeared that she died during this trauma. During the chaos and confusion in this past life drama, she accepted the belief that it was her destiny "to suffer in order to get love."

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It is important to point out here how the subconscious mind works. During a trauma, the conscious mind and the emotions often shut down. With the conscious mind and emotions suppressed, what remains is only the subconscious mind and its will to survive. Additionally, the subconscious mind records all the on-going experience without judgments or critical thoughts. It doesn't know or care about "right or wrong." It is very literal and just records experiences for future use in surviving. This survival mechanism has been one our most basic and fundamental aspects of behavior throughout all of human history. It is ancient and very simple.

Metaphor for new life beyond wallFor example, in this case, my client's subconscious mind recorded at a very deep level, and in a convoluted way, this powerful lesson: "In order to get 'love,' she had to suffer."

In looking at how this belief system affected her present lifetime and all her terrible pain, it was evident that there was a strong connection between her present and past lives. It appeared that during ovulation her body wanted 'love' (i.e. sex) to fertilize her egg. (This is deep stuff!) But in order to get 'love' she had to suffer! Consequently, in this life she suffered great physical pain during that time every month when she was fertile and immediately after (i.e. ovulation and menstruation).

My client achieved her dramatic healing by recalling her past life death and by looking at it with more conscious awareness and understanding. We went over the events a couple of times and sorted out what really happened. My client and I redefined what the message should have been, rather than the belief she created during her past life death. She later reported tremendous relief of her devastating monthly period pain.

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