Thirty Years of Pain

Thirty Years of Pain

SYNOPSIS: A sad case where minor good intentions had painful effects for 30 years. Fortunately, the problem was resolved resulting in a happy ending.

Chronic Pain "Prescribed" By Doctor

A woman came for a Past Life Regression because she had been having chronic pain in her abdomen since an operation 30 years previously. Repeated visits to doctors did not find a cause and drugs did not eliminate the pain.

With my instructions, "Go back to the source experience for your pain," she described being on an operating table. Two doctors were operating on her while she was anesthetized. SurgeryHowever, some part of her awareness heard everything the doctors were saying during the operation. I directed her to find - and to repeat - any words spoken by the two surgeons that were associated in anyway with her chronic pain. After a couple of breaths, my client repeated the older doctor's words to the younger doctor: "She must have a lot of pain with this."

It turned out that the older surgeon was training the younger one, and he said these words as an opinion and assumption. It was only a comment and was not even directed to the patient. For this older doctor, it was only a passing thought, but for my client, these words translated into an order to experience chronic pain forever!

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Metaphore for healingFortunately, the mistaken order to the woman was easily straightened out for her subconscious mind and the woman's pain disappeared by the end of her PLR session! (This PLR process is often miraculous!)

The reason such dramatic results often are produced is the fact that the subconscious mind is very literal, doesn't know right from wrong, and has no logic. It just follows the programming from observing and reacting to daily experience. It is unable to distinguish between reality or created "experiences" using imagination and hypnosis suggestions. This is one reason affirmations are so powerful and really do bring about real and often dramatical results.

It is evident, and now well established, that doctors and staff comments in the operating room can affect the patient who is anesthetized. This knowledge has led to research and accepted practice, in some cases, of putting earphones on the patient. These earphones block out all comments made in the operating room. Also, relaxing music and/or positive healing statements can be sent to the patient's mind through the earphones. This method of surgery has proven to be most beneficial to patients by reducing complications and healing time. I wish it were universally accepted in all operating rooms!

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