My Buddy, the "Ghost"

My Buddy, the "Ghost"

SYNOPSIS: An interesting case of a friendly "ghost" hanging around the soul of a World War I buddy.

Ghosts Do exist

I once investigated a house where unexplained noises in the night repeatedly awakened the family. They feared their house was haunted. During my investigation, it became evident that somehow the noises were associated with their son, approximately 23 years old. I did a Past Life Regression with him and found not only the source of the noise, but also a tearful story. In this Past Life Regression, the family's son described the events of the source experience for the noise problem.

WW I battlefield.My client -- who I will call "Bill" in his past life -- and his closest buddy were retreating from the enemy, which was rapidly advancing toward them on a World War I battlefield. Bill's buddy had been shot and was dying. He could not bring his buddy with him, so Bill had to leave his dear friend to die alone in order to save his own life. They parted in a high state of fear and confusion. His buddy died on the battlefield, and Bill escaped to safety.

I asked my client how the noises in his house at night tied in with this source experience. He said he didn't know, but his buddy did know. I asked if his buddy were here with us now and if I could speak with him. My client said, "Yes", so I asked the buddy spirit to talk to me through my client's voice. (I had no idea if that would work, but it did!)

In this case, I talked with the buddy spirit as separate from the client, but through the client's voice. I talked with this spirit directly as if he were another person in the room with us and in need of help. Although I had never done this before, this procedure worked well and was surprisingly emotional for all three of us.

Soldier left behind.

The buddy spirit described his sorrow and confusion about being abandoned on the battlefield by his close friend, --i.e. my client in his World War I past life. The buddy spirit was still hanging around my client, with the same emotions he had at his death in the War. Time does not exist in the spirit realm, so the buddy felt as if he had just died a short time ago. This spirit did not know or understand what else to do, besides continuing to stay close to his friend, -- i.e. my client.

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When asked about the noises at night, the buddy spirit said he was angry that no one in my client's family would help him to figure out what to do or where to go. The buddy spirit felt that the best way he could contact my client was when he was sleeping at night, so the spirit made the noises to get my client's attention.

The three of us had a heartfelt discussion, sorting out what had happened in the past lives and what to do next. Since I was in the military for 20 years, I talked to the other two in good, understandable G.I. language. We all agreed on the problem and that it had to be fixed. What needed to be done was to get the buddy spirit back on track in his dying process. He needed to let his spirit release from where it was stuck back in a World War I relationship!

I asked my spirit guides to help the buddy spirit to be released from his earthly attachments so that he could go on through the tunnel of light that has been described countless times by people during near death experiences (NDE's). Next, I asked the buddy to let me know when my spirit guides had appeared. He did that shortly. I then directed the buddy spirit and my client to say their good-byes, and for the buddy spirit to leave the earthly realm and depart with the other spirit guides.

I asked my client to let me know when his buddy had left with the spirit guides. In a few seconds, with tears streaming down his face, he said softly, "They're gone."

A couple of weeks later, my client reported to me that he and his family members no longer heard the noises at night.

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